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🌟 Introducing the Ultimate Lab Companion! 🌟

Get ready to level up your lab game with our PDF Lab Cheat Sheet – the go-to resource you’ve been waiting for!

πŸ“‹ Front Side – Lab Masterpiece:

Complete rundown of common drawn labs βœ”οΈ
Clear explanations for high or low lab values βœ”οΈ
Quick reference guide for understanding abnormal results βœ”οΈ
Urinalysis interpretation βœ”οΈ
Everything you need for seamless lab interpretation at your fingertips! βœ”οΈ

πŸ“‘ Back Side – Multiple cheat sheets in one!:
ABG Cheat Sheet: ABG’s are everyone’s worst nightmare, but this ABG Cheat Sheet is more like a dream come true to help you quickly evaluate your patient’s ABG’s
Lab Draw Guide: Nail the order of draws & decode tube colors effortlessly!
Nurse Precaution Tips: Stay safe with precautions for common diseases!

πŸ‘©β€βš•οΈ Why Choose Our Cheat Sheet?
Comprehensive: All-in-one resource for lab interpretations and vital ABG insights.
Practical & User-Friendly: Clearly organized, concise, and packed with practical info.
Time-Saving: Say goodbye to endless searches; find what you need instantly!

πŸ₯ Perfect for Nursing Students:
Enhance your clinical prowess & impress instructors!
Boost confidence in lab assessments and patient care!

πŸš€ Get Your Lab Cheat Sheet Today!
Empower yourself with the ultimate lab companion.
Elevate your nursing expertise effortlessly!

8 reviews for Labs Cheat Sheet

  1. Marina (verified owner)

    Easy way to understand ABGs been a nurse for years and always try to have people explain it and a great breakdown also knowing some of the other causes that aren’t typical for abnormalities is awesome definitely will use it when teaching student nurses and new grads in the ED

  2. May A (verified owner)

    These cheat sheets are amazing! I’ve been using the medsurg one for a while now so when I learned that she was releasing a lab cheat sheet, I knew I had to get my hands on one! This will be another amazing resource and I can’t wait to use it as a guide when on the floor.

  3. Kelli L (verified owner)

    This is absolutely incredible!! It is very concise and I love how results are organized into which blood tests would need to be ordered. Definitely one of the top parts I got confused on as a student and this made it so much easier! The high/low lab findings examples are super thorough and clear, would definitely recommend this for anyone struggling with lab values

  4. Alec Latin (verified owner)

    Great cheat sheet! The little pictures next to the labs make it simple/easy to remember what they correlate with and the ABG chart is super helpful too!

  5. Dakota (verified owner)

    Very fitting for the eye! You can easily see what system belongs to which lab value and potential issue! Very useful and quick concise information!!!

  6. Nate O.

    So helpful. Whether you’re prehospital or in the hospital these are great so that you can reference them quickly and begin to remember the more common labs.

  7. Kimberly (verified owner)

    Very organized and easy to understand! Don’t work at a hospital but work outpatient as a nurse and this is so helpful when discussing lab results with patients or following up with them after ED visits etc.

  8. Grace (verified owner)

    The most helpful lab cheat sheet I’ve used so far! Easy to read and all of the important information is there. Absolutely love it!!! Perfect to print off and keep a copy in your pocket for work/clinicals.

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